MetaVocals – The best auto-tuning, doubling, harmonising, vocoding and voice-to-synth tool.

MetaVocals is an easy, quick and super-versatile tool for fixing, editing, enhancing, expanding and mangling vocals in a song. With its plain interface, it is built around a realtime auto-tuning engine. The tool detects incoming signal's pitch in realtime and,...
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MMG1 – A FAT model of one of the best synths in history.

A FAT model of one of the strongest musical instruments in history. Made polyphonic but with mono modes. No samples, just synthesis. A musical instrument. MIDI maps make programming and playing it through an external controller a joy. Multiple mono modes make it great...
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MixingRoom – Immersive mixing through headphones.

MixingRoom is the perfect tool for mixing music through headphones. Working in a great sounding room to get a balanced sound isn't always possible. MixingRoom offers a fully immersive experience when using headphones for music mixing. Balanced, calibrated sound...
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DualR – High Gain Guitar Amplifier and cabinet modeller.

A high-gain amplifier. Powerful and with lots of attitude. This is a genuine component-level model of one of the most iconic guitar amplifiers, the starting point of the "High-Gain" concept. A detailed model, with a few simple, key features for versatility. We also...
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MasterLimiter – Mastering Brickwall Limiter and mastering tools.

MasterLimiter is our Mastering Brickwall Limiter, the last step before exporting the final audio file from a mix. It is a great mastering limiter with original control on the dynamics, plus some extra-powerful, yes extra-simple to use, unique features. Dynamically...
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AnyGauss – New life for your Drums.

AnyGauss is an extremely powerful set of tools to mangle drums, packed in a super-simple interface. Give new life to drums, process the source up to synthesis. MSRP: 29.99$. Main features: Drums re-tuning (formant shifting). Drums timbre compression (compensates for...
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A25 – A model of a Classic Stereo Bus Compressor. Enhanced.

A25 has been modeled after a beautiful stereo compressor, with a few "modern" add-ons: - Sample aligned Dry-Wet control. - Mid-Side balance control of action of the compressor (sets where the processing is done between Mid and Side components of the stereo field). -...
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AnyTesla – Audio Transformers to every mixer channel.

One of those powerful yet simple contributes to sound, input and output transformers. AnyTesla contains a parametric physical models of audio transformers and an optional power output stage (because the saturation of a core gives effects on both output and input...
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ProStudioLive series – PSLTubeComp. An aggressive tube compressor full of attitude.

We teamed up with to develop a new line of tools with lots of attitude. PSLTubeComp is the first in the series. We designed an aggressive tube compressor from scratch, built it in the lab, analysed and modelled it on a component-level to get an...
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MainEQ – A modern EQ with unique, powerful features.

MainEQ is a special, modern equaliser with lots of special features. Graphical interface. Dynamic filtering with full control for upward and downward action. Ten parametric filters (Resonant Low-Shelf, Resonant High-Shelf, 8x Peaking). High-Pass and Low-pass filters....
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Vynil Mastering effects.

Useful for mixing.



History of Delay.

A new effect also available for Avid HDX and Venue as AAX-DSP plugin.


MMG1 - Polyphonic Synthesizer

A classic, made polyphonic.

No samples, all synthesis. Modelling the components to get a musical instrument with tons of character.

Basses, Pads, Keys, Drums, even acoustic instruments. Simple and a joy to program.


MotorTown (Natural Drumsets)

A drumset, a drummer.

Effects, Rooms, Microphone modeling…


Strip console emulation

A set of modeled consoles, several desks.

A complete channel strip.