F76 is a component-level, greatest detail, model of one of the main colors on the palette of audio mixing.
All the details have been reproduced and a few features have been added to give even more control on the sound.

Main features:

  • Component-level model of the original hardware.
  • Full control on all possible combinations of Ratio buttons (including the famous “All-in” setting).
  • Extra control for preamplifier “Headroom”, for fine control on interaction between feedback compression and stage saturation.
  • Extra control for sample-aligned mixing between processed and dry signal, for parallel compression.
  • Auto-gain function, the output volume automatically matches output to input level (no ear-fooling by levels).
  • Simple to use.
  • Simple preset management with copy-paste and clear-text option (share presets as text).
  • Resize-able interface (VST3/AU).

F76 is available as VST/AU/AAX for Windows and Mac OS systems (including Apple-silicon native).

A full, no restrictions, 14-days demo is available for all formats. Get it HERE! (updated 17 Oct 2022)
(Register to the Webshop and use your Username and Password on plugin’s interface to activate the demo).

MSRP: 39.99$