IR-Lab is a plugin for most DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). It can be loaded as a VST, AU or AAX module in any compatible host on Windows and Mac OSX systems.

It is a realtime effect so it can be used for live playing and for mixing.

It loads Impulse Responses (IR) but DOESN’T use plain, linear convolution. It uses your target IR to tune a physical model of a cabinet.

In addition, it loads our custom Cab-packs, models specifically measured and built for it, that contain a lot of non-linear information about the target cabinet, for increased realism and more pleasant playing.

Get the timbre that best suits your production.

Up to eight IRs/Cab-packs can be blended together with continuous control.

The blend control is stereo, so independent blends can be assigned to the stereo panorama.

The simple blend control changes its shape depending on the number of active models to be blended.

Each Cab-pack can be finely-tuned by moving the microphone in front of the speaker.

An extrapolated option is available for your loaded IRs, too.

The overall sound is balanced with the master EQ, when needed.

Tilt, Hi-pass, Low-pass and Peak filters make fine-tuning the resulting sound super-simple.

An unique feature is the “Voice-Match” function: You can automatically match the overall balance of a source IR you have to a target Cabinet you like, while retaining its original timbre. Simple and super-powerful.

“Smooth” function lets you remove pronounced peaks-dips from IRs that may include too pronounced phase effects.

Load up to eight IRs/Cab-packs and blend them on a stereo stage.

You can also include your own IRs, of course.


Cab-packs are NON-linear. Levels matter!

Even your own IRs become non-linear once loaded into IR-Lab! They become a physical model. Still, you can always export an IR for your outboard system.

Like with real cabinets, the level of the signal affects the sound and behaviour of the cabinet.

Set the input gain and balance the output Volume (or let the smart Auto-gain feature do it for you) for the best sound and dynamic response.

Easily manage and share any number of overall presets. They are always readily available in the browser.

IR-Lab features a simple, plain interface for immediate access to any parameter.

Manage, share or move presets across the mix using handy Copy, Paste and Save functions.

When satisfied by the sound, you can also export it as an Impulse Response (IR) file that you can load in pedalboards and external devices.

An IR is a “snapshot” of the sound: it doesn’t retain all the non-linearities of the original models, but it is still very effective in simpler modellers, such as classic IR players that use convolution and most outboard devices.

IR-Lab adds the “Dynamic” mode. Load a set of models and morph through them depending on the incoming level.

IR-Lab adds the “Movement” mode.

Load a set of models (e.g. a set of IRs from different positions around a cabinet) and get the model morphing through all of them in a periodic way (e.g. “Leslie” style).

Set the Swing parameters to emulate the old trick of having a speaker hanging from the ceiling and swinging and spinning in the room.

Pack your libraries of IRs in compact and usable format, as a preset or a xir (eXtended Impulse Response) file.

For example, pack the different positions for the same microphone in front of the same cabinet in a single loadable file, then use the interface and easily morph the model.

product comparison

Each of our products was created with a style in mind but is not limited to that.

Orange 4x12 Celestion Greenback

  • Hi-Gain 100% 100%
  • Crunch 75% 75%
  • Clean 50% 50%

Download the model here

Marshall 4x12 with Celestion Greenback

  • Clean 50% 50%
  • Crunch 80% 80%
  • Hi-Gain 100% 100%

Vox AC30 with Custom Speakers

  • Clean 100% 100%
  • Crunch 100% 100%
  • Hi-Gain 40% 40%


  • Hi-Gain 80% 80%
  • Crunch 100% 100%
  • Clean 50% 50%

Download the model here

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IR-Lab includes our first three Cab-packs and will be officially released soon (as a reward for your ongoing patience, we added three more cabinets and something more to the offer!).