MixingRoom is the perfect tool for mixing music through headphones.
Working in a great sounding room to get a balanced sound isn’t always possible.
MixingRoom offers a fully immersive experience when using headphones for music mixing.
Balanced, calibrated sound removes the bad habit of raising the volume to hear details in the mix.

Main features are:

– Ever growing database of headphones calibration (use the model you prefer).
Mixing mode, with calibrated cross-talk based on measurements on real ears.
– 360°*360° sound experience: a perfectly fixed position of the listener doesn’t exist. We get cues from slight movement of the head and, when focusing on details, decise rotation towards a monitor. MixingRoom lets the engineer move his “virtual head”. Many “person” models are available: select the most similar to your real-world experience and stick to that.
– Physical, non-linear models of audio monitors: stress the monitors to hear with a bit of saturation and get more cues.
– Three classes of monitors: mains, high-performance, cheap (for checks). Includes “Ideal” monitors for mixing.
– Anechoic versions of the monitors (to avoid the “room in a room” effect when needed).
Positional ambience improves the experience providing even more cues.
Synthetic and real environments: get the best possible performances from the room or mix in a real space, always with 360°*360° experience.
– Use headphones and earbuds as listening target: more and more music is listened to through headphones. Check the balance there.
Places: a normal room, a club, a car with its audio diffusion, check your mix in places. Growing library of places.
3×3 target matrix: monitors and rooms, headphones and earbuds, places. Define it for quick switching from a target to another one and back.

Easily share the listening environment with clients.

Available NOW in the Webshop as a VST/AU/AAX plugin for Windows and Mac OSX systems.

MSRP: 49.99$ (includes ALL models).

A fully functional, 14 days demo is available HERE (VST/AU for Windows and Mac OSX systems)

MixingRoom – QUICK START

Updated list of included headphones models

Updated list of included In Ear Monitors and Earphones (TO BE ADDED)

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