AnyGauss is an extremely powerful set of tools to mangle drums, packed in a super-simple interface.

Give new life to drums, process the source up to synthesis.

MSRP: 29.99$.

Main features:

  • Drums re-tuning (formant shifting).
  • Drums timbre compression (compensates for variation in touch).
  • Target timbre compression (set the fomants manually).
  • Attack pitch envelope (increases perception of strength).
  • 30 bands hit-selective (see below) EQ.
  • Sample loading.
  • Enhancement and re-synthesis with vocoded noise and three tunable resonators.
  • All the processing with optional selective detection (e.g. process only the snare but not the bassdrum in a loop).
  • Powerful, selective trigger, with trigger band and reject band. Process only selected hits.
  • Reject triggering mode, for easy complementary processing.
  • Mix dry, resonators, vocoded noise, sample.