We partnered with RedSound (www.redsound.it) to release two beautiful units for Guitar and Bass worlds: Sublymia and Sublymia_B.

Sublymia is a pedal that replaces guitar amplifier and cabinet. Connect your guitar and play. We also included all the main effects, crafted with care from a few selected units, because we wanted to be able to use just this pedal for the simplest rig. Or connect your favourite pedalboard and use just the effects, or the cabinet.

Talking about cabinets: Sublymia are the first pedals in the world that can play Celestion’s DSRs, their proprietary format well beyond a static IR. Also your own IRs, loaded in the pedal, will be translated to a well more interesting and “real” model. Try for yourself.

Sublymia_B is the version specific for bass guitar. Everything is tailored for specific target frequencies. The range of pre-loaded cabinets is also specific and the effects. From subtle saturation, to studio compressors (do you know “Disto”?) to creative effects (auto-wah?).

Proudly designed by SKnote and manufactured by RedSound in Italy.

An external editor connects to the pedal to manage presets, templates, add-ons, cabinets, etc.

Runs in any modern browser so it is simple and lightweight.

Or just ignore it if you want simply plug in and play.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

(Additional questions: please write to sales@sknoteaudio.com)

Q.: Do I need the software to use this?

A.: It is needed to program the presets and to load new cabinets (optional). It is html code that runs inside any browser, though, so you won’t depend on software updates, blabla.

Q.: Can I load my IRs (Impulse Responses) here?

A.: Yes, of course! You’ll discover that they’ll sound a lot better, though. There is no convolution in the cabinet module but physical models that get automatically tuned to your target IR. More “real”.

Q.: Do you sell these?

A.: No. We entirely designed and programmed them but RedSound (www.redsound.it) manufactures and sells them. Please refer to their website.

Q.: I read that he cabinet can use IRs (Impulse Responses) but also DSRs (Dynamic Speaker responses). What are these?

A.: Please refer to www.celestionplus.com for details about their technology, DSRs and Speaker-Mix Pro software.

Q.: Are these pedals or pedalboards? Amplifier with cabinet or also effects?

A.: The original concept was just amplifiers and cabinets. Then we decided to add a whole range of carefully-crafted effects, to make using one of these alone possible and satisfying. Don’t think you can build crazy chains of effects. You can set and play with great pleasure on any music style.