Imagine having the possibility to create your sound starting from scratch, no samples. With the endless possibility of MMG1 infinite variations are virtually possibile. Simply connect your controller and use Learn in order to have a real experience, like with an hardware unit!

In this case, we’ll try to get a real Analog Drums with Kicks, Snare and Hi Hat.


  • Select the Preset SFX Kick 2 on MMG1 and record some rhythms with it.
  • Increase the frequency filter and try to find your sound, you can add more cue in the sound modifying the Decay Amplitude up than 10ms.
  • If you want to get more punch and push on the mix you can use a compressor, like SkNote A25.
  • Add more deep on the bass frequency with your favorite Eq and SubBass Plugs.
  • Try with the magic SKnote Soundbrigate plug in, a great combination with MMG1.
  • Duplicate this track and make a 2nd Kick adding some distortion and some difference in Decay, trying to mix both during our performance.


  • Select the preset SFX Hi Hat on MMG1 and record your Rhythms.
  • This sound will be made using only the Noise Section, you can increase the Volume and change the Decay Amplitude to create open/close hi hat simulation.
  • Tip: use a compressor to tame and bring out transients and add some lead, like A25.
  • In this case we used a little bit of distortion to change some harmonics and make it more rough with Drive.
  • Trick: Use the Delay to create some nice stereo effects with 16th notes. Play 4th/8th note loops and mix the signal with 60:40 Wet-Dry.
  • Listen to the Audio Demo Reference!


  • Select the preset SFX Snare 2 on MMG1 and record your loop.
  • Same as we did for the Hi Hat, this sound will be recreated using the Noise Section using the powerful MMG1’s on board Filter.
  • Increase the Feedback amount changing the pressure of the transients, move the Filter section with Contour for make new sounds!
  • Add your favourite compressor and push the transient in order to have a really good ratio to simulate the rim-shot snare 😉
  • At the end, put these tracks on a stereo bus and use A25, Soundbrigate and add some reverb space with Verbtone.

Listen to believe! Cheers 😉