MMG1 has a powerful analog feel with Polyphonic capabilities, up to 8 voices with 3 Oscillators, Filters, Noise & Feed Back and LFO.

The amazing voices of the MMG1 recreate and extend the character of the great 70’ Synths, with new features like Dynamics and Portamento (and Polyphonic!).

Using external effects processors you can create textures and drones with great flexibility and easy learning curve.

MMG1 is 100% MIDI Mappable to any MIDI compatible External Controller and Daw.

Try these preset programs:

KEYS – Fm Piano Style (Added Sknote P83 in the demo)

KEYS – Enough Pad (added SkNote R200 in the demo)

Add SKnote Verbtone, a great reverb with soul!

Listen to the audio demo: