MMG1 has the iconic sound of the great classic Mono Synth with extra depth, poliphony and layering possibility.

Using its several Mono Modes with legato, voice priority and glide, adding Filter Emphasis and Feedback, you can play a real Monster Bass Machine!

  • Open Two instances of SkNote MMG1 and select the presets:
  • BASS – Synthbass 1
  • BASS – Synthbass 2
  • Now you’ll have two differents synth bass sound with different characters and parameters.
  • Open a little your Stereo Panorama, trying to create a Stereo Synth bass (L50 for Synthbass1 / R50 for Synthbass 2)
  • Add at your pleasure some compressions or Eq like A25 in order to glue both signals.
  • Create a Aux Bus and send the previous tracks to it (stack tracks by mixing them).
  • Add some sub-bass plug-in to add still more body and compress it with the incredible SKnote Soundbrigate.
  • Now you’re ready to satisfy your synth bass playing with an incredible Monster Mono Dual Layer Synth Bass!

Cheers!!! 😀