A high-gain amplifier. Powerful and with lots of attitude.

This is a genuine component-level model of one of the most iconic guitar amplifiers, the starting point of the “High-Gain” concept.

A detailed model, with a few simple, key features for versatility.

We also included the “Blues” mode, found in the original “Trem-O-Verb” variation.

To make it a super-useful device, we introduced our new “Sublymating” cabinet model concept. A physical model of the cabinet, including configuration (number of speakers and cabinet shape), speaker model and microphone.

You can use one of the extremely varied models included (27 models) or “Sublymate” your own Impulse Response (IR file). It gets transformed into an internal model of the cabinet that works as a whole with the amplifier, as in reality, for better realism.

Two cabinets are included and you can seamlessly morph between the two, for infinite, all well sounding (as far as you like each of the two used) options.

Try it:

  • Select a model or “Sublymate” your IR in cabinet A.
  • Select a model or “Sublymate” your IR in cabinet B.
  • Merge the two cabinets by the single Morphing knob.

No more disabling the cabinet and adding an external modeller. Keep the model as a whole and “Sublymate” your IRs where needed.

You’ll also find:

  • Red and Orange modes.
  • Three “voicing” options.
  • Solid State and Tube power supply (affect the response).
  • Vintage and Modern pickup options (recover the interaction between the guitar and the amplifier).
  • Input Boost (trim input level or push into the input stage like with an external boost pedal).

Available as Win/Mac/VST/AU/AAX plugin. Notarized for Catalina and Big Sur. Should also run just fine through Rosetta on new Mac M1s (specific native compilation coming).

Introductory MSRP 29.99$ (visit the Webshop).