MainEQ is a special, modern equaliser with lots of special features.

  • Graphical interface.
  • Dynamic filtering with full control for upward and downward action.
  • Ten parametric filters (Resonant Low-Shelf, Resonant High-Shelf, 8x Peaking).
  • High-Pass and Low-pass filters.
  • Tilt filter.
  • “Polys”. Filters can be grouped together and moved as one, also by control-keys for alternate movement (e.g. move base gain and target gain together, move on opposite directions, etc.).
  • Mid/Side filtering. Each filter can be balanced to act on Mid and Side in different, continuous quantities.
  • Global Action control. Scales all filters’ gains to fine tune the action of the EQ. Similar to parallel EQing but without any phase issue.
  • Inter-band and inter-track dynamic control. Set a frequency band to control another one or a track to control another track’s EQ (e.g. set the bassdrum to duck the bass guitar).
  • Log-scale spectrum analyser. Analyse input, output, other tracks.
  • Internal and inter-track spectral matching/carving/flattening (e.g. set vocals track to tame frequencies and get space in the guitars’ track).
  • Plain-text preset copy/paste (share presets as plain text in forums).
  • Through-clipboard preset copy/paste. Copy from one instance, paste to another one.
  • Four preset slots for easy comparisons.
  • True Auto-Gain! Engage it and get the output level always matched to the input (and bypass, of course). No ear-fooling.
  • Invert button. Get all the filters’ gains inverted as one for complimentary settings (e.g. copy from a competing one, paste to another one and invert).
  • Utilities. Useful quick templates, overall settings, undo/redo, etc.

MainEQ is available in the Webshop (39.99$) (Win/Mac/VST/AU/AAX, all formats included).

To get details and instructions: just write “MainEQ” in the Search field on the homepage.

You can try a demo version here:





(goes to bypass after 10 minutes).