TwinR is a faithful component-level model of one of the absolute most famous and sought-after tube guitar amplifiers in history. We modelled every single part, from guitar’s pickup (to get back the “cold” response of modern ultra-high-impedance DI channels), to preamplifier, power stage, single tubes, power supply, rectifier, transformer.

We also added our own output stage model which, based on real measurements, gives a dynamic response far superior to basic Impulse Responses, for a better playability.

A quick sample:

Available NOW in the Webshop. Introductory MSRP 29.99$ (Win/Mac/VST/AU/AAX/32/64 bit).

You can test the new AAX version as Apple-silicon-native HERE

(Ensure your workstation is online when you insert the very first instance. If you don’t own a license, you can still run it in demo mode, ensure your workstation is online each time you insert a first instance or when you open a project).