Neil Young is definitely one of the guitarists who has been using a lot the Tweed Deluxe during all his carrier. He experimented long before finding his own sound (he used Mesa/Boogie amplifiers, Fender amplifiers) but nothing could be compared to Tweed Deluxe’s unique sound. Around 2000’s for his live setup he used even 3 different Tweed DeluxeHe probably did a big mod in one of his amplifiers. By using a volume pedal, he increases the input gain on the second channel of the amplifier. It reveals a different sound than using a normal volume pedal or adjusting the guitar’s volume potentiometer.


Another main characteristic of Neil Young’s sound is surely his guitar. He uses an old Gibson 53 Les Paul (know as ”Old Black”) modified with the original P-90 neck pickup and a mini bridge humbucker pickup from a Gibson Firebird.


So, do you want to replicate Neil Young’s guitar tone using a virtual amplifier ? Here is our Deluxe1 wich is perfect to get that vintage-style guitar tone! You only need Deluxe1, cool isn’t ?

Let’s listen to our demos trying to recreate really close his guitar tone.

The guitar used, a Fender Telecaster, plays trought Deluxe1 of course, with Senn-Neutral microphone. We have implemented the ability to plug a midi volume pedal to increase the input gain, you can hear it better in the rhythm part. You can also hear a bit of delay in lead part using Roundtone (v.4). Finally we use Motortown for the drum track.

The album is “Are You Passionate”, the song is “Mr. Disappointment”. A link on iTunes here

It is special for its raw, natural sounds and the dynamic mastering.

Let’s take a sit and let’s listen to demos, enjoy!