Percolate is a stereo tube amplifier, modelled at the deepest possible level, including a model for every single component in the circuit.

It is a stereo, two stages amplifier, with input and output transformers, preamplifier stage, tone control, power push-pull stage and output mix (wet-dry) control.

Two output taps are available: preamplifier and power stage. The first stage requires higher input level to saturate and the saturation is crisper. The output stage has a richer and smoother saturation.

Two options for the input transformer: transparent and iron (lots of color).

Two options for the output transformer: hi fidelity and iron (biggest difference is in the low frequency range).


  • Input Gain. From attenuation to boosting, affects only the signal going into the tube amplifier (not the dry component, available through the Mix control).
  • Tone control. Affects the signal going through the tube circuit (doesn’t affect the dry signal). Use it together with the Mix control to set the sound of your processed track.
  • Input meters. Separate left and right level meters, they are a reference when setting the amount of saturation. Experiment with different input levels to set a reference for both pre-amplifier and power stage output taps.
  • Mix screw. Blends processed and (sample-aligned) dry signal. Use it to mix the two signal versions for the best final result.
  • Volume control. An overall output gain control. Bypassed when Power is off.
  • Power switch. Bypasses the whole system.

Download a VST/AU (Win and Mac) demo version here

Download an AAX (Win and Mac) demo version here

(limitations: wet signal is bypassed after 30 min).

(To install VST/AU: unzip, select the format, [unzip the Mac version again], put the file in your plugins directory. For AU: rename Percolate.vst as Percolate.component).

(To install AAX: unzip, select the format, unzip it, put the file in your AAX plugins directory.

MSRP 49.99$ (available in the Webshop)