P83 is based on a simple structure, with two independent channels controlled by a common LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator).

It is modeled after a vintage studio effect, used from subtle enhancement to strong phasing and special effects.

Controls and description.

  • LFO Waveform selector – Select the waveform for the low frequency oscillator that controls the phase of both channels.
  • LFO Frequency knob – Sets the frequency of the LFO, from 0.1 to 20 Hz.
  • Modulation knob (per-channel) – Sets the amount of modulation around the center frequency, that can be shifted (see below).
  • Base frequency knob (per-channel) – Sets the amount of static frequency shift, combined with the modulation above, if the Modulation switch is active (see below). Whe the mosulation switch is off, this control can be automated or manually controlled for phase shift.
  • Feedback knob (per-channel) – Sets the amount of feedback around the phase-shift network. The more the feedback, the more resonant the sound and the less flat the frequency response.
  • Modulation switch (per-channel) – When engaged, enables the control of the LFO on the phase shift.
  • Modulation Invert switch (channel 2 only) – When engaged, inverts the polarity of the LFO for channel 2, adding stereo de-correlation and width.

NOTE: P83 licensing is improved by a new registration system that is the basis for upcoming services like tracking of updates, free presets libraries and more. Read the included ReadMe.txt file carefully when installing and activating.