We expanded it. The great sound of Roundtone, with its tape saturation and natural smoothing of transients is untouched. We added lots of details and some great features on top of it:

  • Speed control. From 30 inches per second (ips) down to almost zero.
  • Several tape formulae. Various responses are achieved by replacing the reels.
  • Bias control. We separated the background noise from the actual working level: bias becomes a wide palette of responses.
  • Don’t touch those reels. Manually brake the motors to affect the reading from tape speed.
  • New Wow and Flutter mode, with a Fast option (proportional to speed).
  • New Spread flange mode. Two independent channels are sent to left and right sides, for a widening effect based on tape.
  • Enhanced synch delay to tempo mode, with dedicated buttons for fractions_of_measure fast settings.

And all the previous features, like:

  • B noise reduction enhancement.
  • Separate Wow and Flange controls.
  • Dry mix control.
  • Multi mode noise.
  • Tape machines, to link parameters for several tracks.
  • Multi mode Tape Delay.

Roundtone 4 available now.

VST/AU/AAX-native 39.99$

Available as AAX-native, VST and AU, for 32 and 64 bit systems, on OSx and Windows platforms.