A good example of the effects AVE (Analog Vocal Enhancer) offers on mono (to stereo) or stereo tracks.

Processing of backing vocals. Dolby_A-style (*) processing to add air (left section of AVE), slight pitch-shifting and delay to add stereo width (right section).

Singers are: Emilie Moutet and Paul Magne.

Studio: www.milkmusic.fr

This is the dry file:

Here is the processed file. Left section of AVE adds air with a “Dolby-A style” high frequency enhancement. Right section of AVE adds stereo width by slight pitch shifting and delay:

The overall effect is big added depth and expression.

For a serious listening here are the .wav files. Yes, the difference from .mp3 is strong.


Processed through AVE:

(*) Note: Dolby and Dolby-A are trademarks and are referred to only as examples of the processing. They are property of the respective owners.