Quad is the second form factor available for RawPro series compressors (see “RawPro” for single compressors).

Four units and a power supply are mounted in a three-units rack case.

Full analog, four compressors, four microphone preamplifiers.

All combinations of RawPro compressors are available.


  • Stereo mixing/mastering: two RP2A (Opto) and two RP165a (VCA), configurated as double stereo compressor. Opto stages take care of average level while VCA stages tame peaks. Limiters shave last peaks for a brickwall result.
  • Stereo mixing, more colorful: like above but replacing two RP165a with two RP6 (FET). Compression with character.
  • Tracking set: four RP6 (FET), to be used as tracking compressors or microphone preamplifiers with compressor.
  • Mixing palette: one RP2A (great on vocals, acoustic instruments), one RP165a (special auto mode on drums), two RP6 (character on stereo sources like drum rooms).

For specifications: see RawPro page.

Price: 1.200 euro + VAT (if applicable) and shipment.

Send an email to order.