XTrim is a powerful set of mixing tools, for fine trimming and creative use.

Volume: A fine control on output level. Useful for fine balancing and automation (vocals, solo, etc.).
X1/X10 scale switch: select 10X gain range for gain staging purposes.
Pan: Stereo image panning (constant power). Move the stereo image while keeping the original width.
Stereo L-R swap switch: swap left and right channels.
Left channel phase invert switch: invert the phase just for Left channel.
Right channel phase invert: invert the phase just for Right channel.
Width: Manage the stereo width of a stereo source. When pan control is to the center, Width control is a Mid/Side balance.
Hi-pass: A smooth 6dB/oct hi-pass filter, for bracketing and frequency balance.
Lo-pass: A smooth 6dB/oct lo-pass filter.
Delay: A fine fractional delay on the mono/stereo source. Move the source back or ahead in time. Test the groove or correct time unalignment by automation. Time align takes.
Optional “L” switch: only Left channel is delayed. Try this for Left/Right alignment or for creative use, e.g. equalizing guitar multiple takes by fine time shift. Time align microphones.
NOTE: when the Delay/Pitch section is switched on, a fixed latency is reported to the host. Some hosts could require switching the plugin off and on again to activate the right latency compensation. The same when disabling the section (latency is reported az zero.)
Pitch: A fine up/down pitch shifter. Fix pitch issues by automation, draw dynamic pitch movements, generate special effects, doubling, chorus.
“CHO” switch: Activates the chorus mode. Left and Right channels have the same amount of pitch shift but in opposite direction.
Meter: A Vu stereo meter. The current version is a straight full-wave rectifier 300ms meter.
-18 switch: shift the reading by 18dB.

Available as Win32/64 VST, Mac32/64 VST/AU.

VST/AU 19.99$

Available as VST and AU, for 32 and 64 bit systems, on OSx and Windows platforms.