Mattertone is a multi-band envelope shaping effect.

It is NOT a compressor, no thresholds.

It is NOT level-sensitive, no triggering.

Increase or decrease attack and/or sustain on selected frequency ranges. Tame resonances. Manage ambient. Get huge rooms from drums recordings.

It is very useful to add color and dynamic control to mixes and single tracks, from subtle to extreme.

Main features:

  • multiband

  • level-independent dynamics


Frequency The corner frequency (lows and highs) or the center frequency (mids) where the envelope control takes place
Attack Increase or decrease attack level for each frequency band
Release Increase or decrease release level (sustain) for each frequency band
Volume Output gain

Available as Win32/64 VST, Mac32/64 VST/AU


VST/AU 19.99$

Available as VST and AU, for 32 and 64 bit systems, on OSx and Windows platforms.
A set of presets for drums processing: Mattertone Drum Presets