• Stereo.
  • Low frequency width.
  • Acceleration limiter.
  • Dynamics control.
  • Mid/Side balance.
  • Light on CPU
  • Latency-free
  • NEW preset management (through-clipboard, copy/paste between instances)
  • NEW AAX_DSP included!

low frequencies stereo width (tunable)

Freq: select the cross frequency

Width: set the stereo width below the cross frequency


  • make bass and bassdrum mono in a mix (focus and punch)
  • focus on the drums in a drumset recording while keeping the stereo width of the high frequencies

“acceleration limiter” with meter (tunable)

Freq: select the cross frequency

Acceleration: select the action of the acceleration limiter above the cross frequency

Meter: shows the action of the acceleration limiter. Setup the limiter to make it move for dynamic action


  • limit high frequency content of a track or a mix
  • make the sound more “round”
  • reduce high frequency content in a track without making it dull

overall dynamics

Dynamics: set the amount of dynamics in a track or mix

It is not a limiter, audio is processed to get lower dynamics and higher rms level while keeping the peaks controlled


  • make a mix sound more “vintage” (no faked effects like noise or rumble!)
  • manage depth in a mix (sources closer to the listener sound more dynamic than far ones)
  • gain rms level
  • manage dynamics of tracks to make them sound more even

Mid/Side balance

Width: balance Mid and Side content of the stereo signal, from 0% wide to 200% wide (antiphase)


  • manage overall stereo width of a stereo track or a mix
  • check the “focus” of your mix, by moving the control and listening
  • check the distribution of the mix between Mid and Side
  • add focus to a too wide mix or stereo track
  • enhance stereo width of a stereo track or mix

gain and volume

manage internal level and balance output level

Drums – dry

Drums – Processed – RMS

Drums – Processed – Peak matched

Available In the Webshop as VST/AU/AAX/DSP for Windows and Mac OSX systems (29.99$ – Includes ALL formats).


Get a demo version here (goes to bypass after 10 s):

Cuttertone DEMO AAX-Native/AAX-DSP for Windows 32/64 bit

Cuttertone DEMO AAX-Native/AAX-DSP for Mac OSX 32/64 bit

To install AAX DEMO: unzip and put the file in your plugins directory.