STA-limit is a faithful model of a vintage tube compression device from Gates. Its character is extremely useful on all kinds of tracks, from acoustic instruments to vocals to guitars and drums, to add punch and color.


  • HW modeled after a vintage unit from Gates.
  • Dual or stereo.
  • “Extra” unit.
  • Mid-Side compression.
  • v.2: improved sound and lighter on CPU.
  • Now AAX Native and DSP! 8 units/chip. For Avid HDX and Venue systems.
  • Auto level compensation for easy dry/wet comparison.

It is a free update for existing users.

Input – Input gain.

Output – Output gain.

Mode – Single time constant for release, double time constant (useful on groups and mixes), auto mode (program dependent release).

Recovery time – Time needed to recover from compression, often defined as “release time”.

Sidechain filters – Cut or boost low and high frequency band in the sidechain path. A cut reduces compression for that frequency band, a boost increases sensitivity and compression. Disabled when Extra switch is off.

Image – Route the action of the compressor to the full stereo signal, the Mid component or the Side component only and anywhere in between. Standard position is 50%. Disabled when Extra switch is off.

Stereo Mode – “Stereo”: the same amount of compression affects both left and right channels, for the best stereo alignment. “Dual”: left and right channels are procesed through two completely independent compressors. Image shift may arise due to audio content. Usually a wider stereo image. Always active.

Mix – Time and phase aligned wet/dry mix, useful for a finer control on compression. Set it to 100% for normal compressor action.

VST/AU/AAX 39.99$

A beta/demo Apple-silicon-native version is available here:

STA-limit – Beta/Demo – AAX Apple-silicon-native

(To install: ensure your workstation is online while you insert the first instance. If you don’t own a license, it will run in demo mode, requires the workstation to be online every time you add a first instance in a project or re-open a project).