Leso is a hardware stereo compressor based on PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for gain control. It is quite clean sounding, with a versatile set of features.

  • stereo balanced inputs/outputs
  • stepped controls
  • internal sidechain equalizer (low and high ranges)
  • external sidechain input
  • control on compression curve
  • feed-forward and feed-back modes
  • peak and rms modes

Price: 1.299 Euro/USD + VAT (if applicable) and shipment.

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Leso is a stereo PWM hardware compressor. A wide set of features and an external sidechain input make it extremely versatile, for tracking, mixing and mastering.

Audio samples.
  • Input: active, balanced.
  • Output: active, balanced.
  • Max input level: +22 dBu.
  • Max output level: +26 dBu.