Powerful, compact, hardware units. Three analog compressors with line and microphone inputs.

RP6: FET compressor with preamplifier. Includes “All buttons in” mode.

RP165a: VCA compressor with limiter and preamplifier. Includes “Auto” compression mode.

RP2A: Opto compressor with preamplifier. Six (!) optocoupler options.


Each compressor 250 euro.

Power supply (feeds up to eight units) 100 euro.

All prices: + VAT (if applicable) and shipment.

Send an email to order.

NOTE: RawPro units are now also available packed in a rack unit. Look for “Quad” product.

Super compact, 100% analog, extremely useful with microphone input, incredibly cheap. A whole palette for the analog recording studio.

Audio samples.
  • Line input: active, balanced (through combo input).
  • Mic input: active (through combo input).
  • Output: active, balanced.
  • Max input level: +22 dBu.
  • Max output level: +26 dBu.
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