If you’re looking for a super wide, thick, and rich sound, look no further than DDD Dimension Chorus! Initially modeled after one of the most popular hardware choruses ever made this plugin version delivers the same world-class sound, but also adds some nifty features not found in the original unit, like a handy mix control and customized modes. You will soon find out that this little piece of software isn’t just another “Me Too” chorus, but an extraordinary mixing device!

In this tutorial, we will use DDD Dimension Chorus to turn a fairly flat and ordinary synth it into something way more vivid and exciting. Here’s the unprocessed example:


The Setup

We start by inserting the plugin on the instrument track. The next thing we want to do is to switch from MONO to STEREO on the far left of the interface. This will result in true stereo processing, giving us a wider sound right away.

We then proceed to the four different modes. The functionality here is pretty straightforward: The higher the number the more noticeable the effect will be. That’s because the first two modes are faster whereas the third one is slower, giving more room to a flanger-esque sound – that’s exactly what our synth needs! The fourth mode, by the way, is also straight stereo (L to L and R to R).

The GAIN knob may need a brief introduction because it doesn’t actually control or change the overall volume (as one might perhaps expect). It rather changes the internal working level of the plugin, while the additional input gain is automatically compensated by an opposed output gain. Therefore, the effect can be extremely subtle, but if you listen closely you will notice a little more grit and edge as the knob is turned up. We set it at about one or two o’clock, which will give our synth just a slight, yet nice boost.

The last thing we will need to take care of before we’re finished is the MIX control. As said, this knob isn’t included in the original hardware device, but it will really help us to get the best possible result! We turn it down to just over 50% – this will let the effect come through, while also preserving some of the initial power and definition of the dry synth sound.

The interface of the plugin should eventually look something like this:


The Result

If we now listen back to our example track you will notice how much more energy we’ve added to the once dreary melody, and how huge it sounds in comparison!


You can download the preset for DDD Dimension Chorus here: DDD_Full_Dimension_Synth.FXP