Marconi1 is a “component-level” model of one of the most famous and appreciated Preamplifier and Equaliser channels in the world.

Every single component has been modeled while preservating original topologies and all the “non ideal” behaviours to offer the most interesting sounds and to give to the user free access to several combinations of options:

  • Style of audio transformers (material of the core, windings, level of saturation).
  • Core and design of the inductors (material of the core, sensitivity to saturation).
  • State of the Capacitors (materials, state of the dielectric).

The natural behaviour of the circuits makes Marconi1 useful to add flavour and weight, to tame transients, as a sound palette and as a vintage equaliser.

Main features:

  • Mono and stereo.
  • Original circuit topologies from the vintage channel.
  • Low-shelf, Presence, High-shelf and High-pass EQ bands.
  • High saturation range, from clean to overdrive.
  • 3x3x3 options for transformers, inductors, capacitors. 27 combinations for wide versatility.
  • Only non-ideal models: leaking capacitors, saturating magnetic cores.
  • Preset “copy and paste through clipboard” feature for easy preset sharing.

Available for pre-buy as VST/AU/AAX(native): special price 39.99$.

VST/AU/AAX-Native special pre-buy price 39.99$


“Pre-buy” means you get the current beta now, fully working but still subject to refinements and tests. It will be replaced in your user area with the final release, which includes the AAX-DSP format.

(Final launch price will be 49.99$ (all formats)).

Current beta available as VST, AU, AAX-native for 32 and 64 bit systems, on OSx and Windows platforms. Final version will include AAX-DSP.