EQ5 – Classic Channel. With DSP.

EQ5. Mic/Line channel. Character. Smooth Hipass and Lowpass. Four bands "discrete" EQ for classic sound. Autogain. Coming as VST/AU/AAX native and DSP.
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Natural Drumsets – MotorTown available NOW

MotorTown, the first product in the new "Natural Drumsets" line of drums and players is available now....
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“The Rack” – Software Subscription formula with Pro Studio Live – Get full projects from videos.

"The Rack" is a new software subscription formula which makes all software products from SKnote available at once. This option makes receiving full projects from the engineers featured in Pro Studio Live (PSL) videos possible, by sharing the same set of effects. "The...
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DolA AAX-DSP – An old secret trick, get air for your tracks.

DolA is an old "secret trick". A noise reduction system abused to get high frequency enhancement. AAX-DSP for Avid HDX systems and Venue consoles. Extended with three modes. Available Oct 2016.
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Percolate AAX-DSP – Saturate, distort, mix.

Percolate is a set of saturation circuits. AAX-DSP for Avid HDX systems and Venue consoles. Extremely simple interface, ten saturation circuits. Add saturation and color to tracks. Available Oct 2016.
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Disto AAX-DSP – A classic, accelerated.

A version optimized for Avid HDX systems and Venue consoles. Simple, fast, powerful. A classic. Available Oct 2016.
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MicCab AAX-DSP – History of Microphones.

MicCab is a microphone modeling system. AAX-DSP for Avid HDX systems and Venue consoles. Track through a transparent chain or synthesize sounds, add flavour from a list of sought-after microphones to add character, color and details. Condensers, ribbons, dynamics....
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AirDryer AAX-DSP – Control peaks, remove tails. No thresholds.

Just two controls. AAX-DSP for Avid HDX systems and Venue consoles. Increase or tame peaks. Add sustain or remove tails, reverb and resonances. Available Oct 2016.
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EchoTaps Delay AAX-DSP – History of Delay.

EchoTaps is a Delay. AAX-DSP for Avid HDX systems and Venue consoles. Several models span history of delays: Oil Can (the weirdest). Tape. Bucket Brigade (analog delay). Vintage digital (raw and warm). Modern Digital (clean). Modulation and pitch shifting, rhythms and...
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Vynil Mastering effects.

Useful for mixing.



History of Delay.

A new effect also available for Avid HDX and Venue as AAX-DSP plugin.



A cabinet of microphones.

A growing library of models on top of a cost effective system.


MotorTown (Natural Drumsets)

A drumset, a drummer.

Effects, Rooms, Microphone modeling…


Strip console emulation

A set of modeled consoles, several desks.

A complete channel strip.