Roundtone 4 – Tape machines, from detailed control to abuse.

We expanded it. The great sound of Roundtone, with its tape saturation and natural smoothing of transients is untouched. We added lots of details and some great features on top of it: Speed control. From 30 inches per second (ips) down to almost zero. Several tape...
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Master Tools – Online mastering system.

Master Tools is an online mastering system available to all active SKnote users (owners of at least one active license of a SKnote product). It can be accessed HERE Probably we all agree that artistic activities cannot be left to robots but there are a lot of...
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Marconi1 – Discrete “73” Preamplifier and Equaliser – Hands on components.

Marconi1 is a "component-level" model of one of the most famous and appreciated Preamplifier and Equaliser channels in the world. Every single component has been modeled while preservating original topologies and all the "non ideal" behaviours to offer the most...
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Guitar/Bass Custom Shop – Going live online.

Going live with the first set of units. Virtual Amplifiers, Cabinets, Pedals, with optional sets of Tubes, Cones, Pickups, Transformers, fine tuning, customisation, demo rooms...
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DolA VST/AU/AAX-DSP – An old secret trick, get air for your tracks.

DolA is an old "secret trick". A noise reduction system, hacked and abused to get a beautiful high frequency enhancement. VST and AU for Windows and Mac, 32 and 64 bit systems. AAX-Native and AAX-DSP for Avid HDX systems and Venue consoles (for Venue installer:...
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EchoTaps Delay VST/AU/AAX-DSP – History of Delay.

EchoTaps is a Delay with a load of features. Available as AAX-Native-DSP for Avid Pro Tools, HDX systems and Venue consoles, VST/AU 32/64 bit for all compatible hosts on Windows and Mac systems. Several models span history of delays: Oil Can (the weirdest). Tape....
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Natural Drumsets “MotorTown” – Drumset plugin with natural sound and player.

Natural Drumsets is a series of drum-sets with a comprehensive range of effects and a versatile drum player. MotorTown is the first set, available NOW. Available as VST/32/64 bit for Windows and VST/AU/32/64 bit for Mac systems. Simply a kit, sampled and "tuned" to a...
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Strip – Console Emulation and Channel Strip

Strip is a Console Emulation and Channel Strip. Main features: Console emulation. Several models included, designed by analysing modern and vintage channels. Crosstalk and ducking. Instances interact in background, they actually are an overall unique analog model....
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Necklace – Physical modeled Spring Reverb – Six springs, stereo sound

Necklace effect Simply a spring reverb. Physical modeling, non linear behaviour, multi-mode modulation. Several springs, several combinations (parallel, series). Round, nice reverb or "twisted" effects. Tap on the springs to hear the impulse response and tune the...
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C165a – VCA compressor with saturating limiter – Punch, sustain, drive

C165a has been developed by measuring and testing a classic VCA compressor with a great sound and very simple to use. Its features have been extended including sidechain filters, a sample-aligned parallel mixing control and a limiter switch. Main features are:...
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Vynil Mastering effects.

Useful for mixing.



History of Delay.

A new effect also available for Avid HDX and Venue as AAX-DSP plugin.



A cabinet of microphones.

A growing library of models on top of a cost effective system.


MotorTown (Natural Drumsets)

A drumset, a drummer.

Effects, Rooms, Microphone modeling…


Strip console emulation

A set of modeled consoles, several desks.

A complete channel strip.