DolA VST/AU/AAX-DSP – An old secret trick, get air for your tracks.

DolA is an old "secret trick". A noise reduction system, hacked and abused to get a beautiful high frequency enhancement. VST and AU for Windows and Mac, 32 and 64 bit systems. AAX-Native and AAX-DSP for Avid HDX systems and Venue consoles (for Venue installer:...
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Natural Drumsets “MotorTown” – Drumset plugin with natural sound and player.

Natural Drumsets is a series of drum-sets with a comprehensive range of effects and a versatile drum player. MotorTown is the first set, available NOW. Available as VST/32/64 bit for Windows and VST/AU/32/64 bit for Mac systems. Simply a kit, sampled and "tuned" to a...
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Strip – Console Emulation and Channel Strip

Strip is a Console Emulation and Channel Strip. Main features: Console emulation. Several models included, designed by analysing modern and vintage channels. Crosstalk and ducking. Instances interact in background, they actually are an overall unique analog model....
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Necklace – Physical modeled Spring Reverb – Six springs, stereo sound

Necklace effect Simply a spring reverb. Physical modeling, non linear behaviour, multi-mode modulation. Several springs, several combinations (parallel, series). Round, nice reverb or "twisted" effects. Tap on the springs to hear the impulse response and tune the...
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C165a – VCA compressor with saturating limiter – Punch, sustain, drive

C165a has been developed by measuring and testing a classic VCA compressor with a great sound and very simple to use. Its features have been extended including sidechain filters, a sample-aligned parallel mixing control and a limiter switch. Main features are:...
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Disto – Distortion, compression, warmth, transformers. With Mid/Side.

Disto is an emulation of two different devices in one. It is designed by merging their features to get a single processing system. It was designed taking inspiration from our rack of devices here: one pair of Distressors and one stereo FATSO Jr. by Empirical Labs. A...
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Vynil Mastering effects.

Useful for mixing.



History of Delay.

A new effect also available for Avid HDX and Venue as AAX-DSP plugin.



A cabinet of microphones.

A growing library of models on top of a cost effective system.


MotorTown (Natural Drumsets)

A drumset, a drummer.

Effects, Rooms, Microphone modeling…


Strip console emulation

A set of modeled consoles, several desks.

A complete channel strip.