C165a has been developed by measuring and testing a classic VCA compressor with a great sound and very simple to use. Its features have been extended including sidechain filters, a sample-aligned parallel mixing control and a limiter switch.

Main features are:

  • mono/stereo

  • Auto mode for easy compression, punch and smooth sustain

  • 4x oversampling for nice saturation

  • internal sidechain equalizer (low, mid and high bands)

  • internal limiter with controlled distortion (for more punch, peak control or creative drive – switchable)

  • sample aligned internal parallel compression

  • knee meter (leds) and in/out/compression meter

  • simple 3D interface

  • from transparent compression to extreme punch, sustain and creative distortion


VST/AU/AAX 29.99$

Available as VST, AU and AAX-native, for 32 and 64 bit systems, on OSx and Windows platforms.

Updates: 03 Nov 2016 – AAX for Win and Mac, 32/64 bit, updated.