Four couples of microphones have been placed in front of some instruments, in the same position and at the same time, to compare the results for stereo tracking.

Sax, guitar and congas have been recorded.

The purpose was to compare the sound for the same identical source through different mic configurations.
We used about 50%+50% mix for Mid-Side decoding. You can test different settings using the Mid and Side files (Mid_Sax, Side_Sax, etc.).

Coincident cardiods

2 x 1/2″ diaphraghm condenser,coincident,130 degrees axes.



Coincident- Sax

Coincident Guitar

Coincident Congas


1/2″ Condenser Cardioid, 1/4″ condenser Omni.



MS Sax

MS Guitar

MS Congas

 These are the raw Mid and Side files. You can use them to test various balances, through a MS -> Stereo decoding configuration.

Mid Sax

Side Sax

Mid Guitar

Side Guitar

Mid Congas

Side Congas

Spaced cardiods

2 x 1/2″ Cardiods, spaced 1,5 m.


Spaced, Cardioid Sax

Spaced, Cardioid Guitar

Spaced, Cardioid Congas

Spaced omni-directional

2 x 0.25″ Condenser Omni-directional, spaced 1,5 m.


Spaced, Omni Sax

Spaced, Omni Guitar

Spaced, Omni Congas