A version optimized for Avid HDX systems and Venue consoles. Also available as VST and AU for 32 and 64 bit systems.

Simple, fast, powerful. A classic.

Currently beta testing.

A video about the special AutoGain feature:


Gain knob – Input gain.

Attack knob – Gain reduction attack time.

Release knob – Gain reduction release time.

Volume knob – Output gain. Comes before Mix (with dry signal. See below).

HP switch – Engages a hipass filter in the sidechain. Useful to preservate low range dynamics.

HP screw – Calibrates the frequency for the HP filter in the sidechain.

Band switch – Engages a peak/boost filter in the sidechain.

Band screw – Calibrates the frequency for the Band filter in the sidechain. useful to tame mid-range peaks e.g. on vocals or drums.

Auto switch – Engages auto-gain.

UK switch – Engages the “British Mode” which sets different dynamics and time constants for the Whole compressor.

Hot knob – Reduces the internal headroom. Useful to tame peaks after the compressor or for creative saturation.

Ratio LEDs – Set the active compression ratio. Click on a LED or drag to the new value.

Link switch – Engages the stereo link compression mode. Both Left and Right channels are compressed together, stereo image is untouched. Currently disabled and fixed to Linked mode. In Pro Tools: insert two mono instances on a stereo track for Dual mode.

Warmth switch – Engages the Warmth feature. Adds warmth to peaks for a “Tape” effect.

Warmth knob – Increases the action of the Warmth feature. Set it after the compression and try to keep the meters moving.

Sidechain knob – Scales the overall action of the sidechain filters, when engaged.